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The availability of pharmaceutical products is a crucial factor in ensuring the right to health and creating a healthy environment. Our products have a purpose. They are logical, purposeful, and rational. The synergy of logic and knowledge. Our mission is to make the right products available to the right user at the right time. This is Jugoremedija’s passion and dedication, which defines our present and future.


The world of pharmacy is changing, following new pharmacotherapeutic challenges and trends. Jugoremedija has a vision of development and business culture through the synergy of educated, satisfied, and motivated employees with necessary and essential technological advancements. A purpose-driven business culture is the vision we strive for.


Jugoremedija is a renowned name in the world of pharmacy. For more than 60 years, we have combined knowledge and experience with contemporary regulatory, production, and business demands. We make medicines accessible.

The transitional period left a negative impact on the company’s operations. New times and new challenges lie ahead for Jugoremedija. The cornerstone of the new Jugoremedija vision is logic, knowledge, and experience, along with significant and enlightened work.

Jugoremedija is a manufacturer of medicines, dietary supplements, and medical devices. By combining existing products with the development of a new portfolio, the company’s traditional values become our commitment.

Visionary Beginnings - Establishing a pharmaceutical factory in Zrenjanin. This idea was supported by knowledgeable and visionary individuals from the "Servo Mihalj" company in Zrenjanin, a giant in agriculture and food production back at the time.


1961 - The idea becomes a reality. The first registered innovative medicines and collaboration based on a license agreement with the German company Hoechst AG from Frankfurt, Germany. Famous brands are born: Avil, Karnigen, Festal, and Restinon.


1964-1970 - New production halls and new formulations (solid, semi-solid forms, infusion solutions, water demineralization station).


The number of employees increases to 36, and production of tablets begins alongside the production of coated tablets, solutions, suppositories, ampoules, and the first veterinary medications.


On December 18, 1973, a joint investment agreement was signed between "Servo Mihalj" from Zrenjanin, Hoechst from Frankfurt, and "Jugohemija" from Belgrade. Since then, the company goes by a new name, "Jugoremedija."


1980-1990 - Partnership continues. A new part of the factory for the production of solid forms, quarantine storage, machine packaging, and a modern technical floor to serve the entire factory with energy and fluids were built. The factory was among the first to bring its production to the level of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.


1990-2000 - Strengthening the portfolio and market share in Yugoslavia, with a significant and growing export expansion.


2000-2016 - The period of transition and privatization did not leave a positive mark on the company's operations. Stagnation followed.


2022 and beyond - Private initiatives recognize the potential for Jugoremedija's business development. The factory has capacities for 150 million packages in solid forms (tablets, capsules, powders, and granules) and over 45 million packages in semi-solid and liquid non-sterile and sterile products (ointments, creams, syrups, ampoules). A NEW ERA OF COMPANY OPERATIONS HAS JUST BEGUN.