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The Vitarem line

Vitamin deficiency is a real problem. It can be both therapeutic and preventive. The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is often low, not only due to shortages or economic reasons but also because of lifestyle changes and different dietary habits. New formulations and technological approaches have contributed to the application of vitamins. Liposomal forms are technologically advanced and, due to their structure, enable better absorption by the digestive system and improved biological availability.

Jugoremedija has developed its products using unique liposomal powder forms, which, thanks to modern drying processes, maintain product quality and liposome size without negative effects.

Coming soon: Vitarem C 100 KIDS liposomal in direct form.


Vitarem® C 500 liposomal

RECOMMENDED FOR: Vitarem® C 500 Liposomal is a dietary supplement containing liposomal vitamin C. Compared to non-liposomal forms of vitamin
• Jugoremedija

• Jugoremedija